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Hi all,
I have started searching for dictionaries.
Here is what I can suggest so far:
DM roles: DataCite provides a list of roles for contributors:
Dataset types : again DataCite but maybe it is not sufficient.
Technical resources. I am not quite sure how precise it should be. MERIL provides a list of categories :
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Dear all,
Thank you very much to all those who joined us today.
The meeting minutes can be found here:
We are still waiting for your inputs on dictionaries:
DM Roles – dictionary?
Cost types – dictionary?
Cost units – dictionary?
Dataset types – dictionary?
Technical resources – dictionary?
Please also take a look at cardinalities assigned to classes and fields. Do they make sense to you?
Apart from these outstanding tasks, it seems that we have a pretty stable outline of our interchange format for maDMPs.
In the next weeks we will work on providing examples consisting of:
– a short use case, e.g. “I will keep me source code on GitHub”
– a JSON example following our common model
Best wishes
Tomasz Miksa
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The connection URL for the RDA DMP Common standards call tomorrow (2019-02-19 17:00 CET) is:
Looking forward to the call!