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Tomasz Miksa

Dear group members,
The winning slot for our next call is Tuesday, 19.02, 17 CET.
Connection details will follow!
Best wishes,
Tomasz Miksa
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Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2019 5:39 PM
To: DMP Common Standards WG
Subject: [dmp-common] RDA DMP Common standards – February 2019 Call
Dear group members,
Since our last call in January, we have introduced some changes in the model. The last call was very fruitful and we would like to organise another one next week.
Please indicate your availability:
Current version of the model can be found here:
When looking at the model you may want to ask yourselves: does the set of fields would fulfil requirements of my funder/institution/template?
During the call we would like to hear your opinion on that, discuss points listed below and address any comments you may have.
The model is likely to evolve within the next few days. We have some outstanding to-dos and would appreciate your feedback:
1. Identifiers and their consistent use (do we provide a full HTTP link for DOI, or only a number, etc.)
2. DMP State – do we need to indicate state of a DMP as a global flag: draft, submitted, etc. Is this universally understandable?
3. DM Roles – dictionary?
4. Cost types – dictionary?
5. Cost units – dictionary?
6. Dataset types – dictionary?
7. Technical resources – dictionary?
8. Host and quality of service fields? What is missing?
We look forward to hearing from you!
Best wishes,
Tomasz Miksa