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Tomasz Miksa

Dear Sadia,
I am one of the co-chairs of this WG. Thanks for reaching out to us! We’re open to all kinds of collaborations, especially with experts like you.
Currently, we don’t have plans for the next call, but we can always organise one ad hoc! Maybe even tomorrow?
Here is the current version of our model for exchange of maDMPs:
We’re now working towards specific serialisations and generating easy to understand examples reflecting typical DMP use cases.
Best wishes,
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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 1:42 PM
To: DMP Common Standards WG
Subject: Re: [dmp-common] RDA DMP Common standards – February 2019 Call
Dear Paul,
My colleague met Peter Neish on the IDCC conference and just pointed me towards this working group. This wg is highly important to us as we are assisting the implementation of RD standards in Flemish Research Information Systems. On the other hand, I’m Ex. Board Member Standards and Classifications with respect to EuroCRIS, the organization on research information systems that creates the CERIF-XML format for exchanging research information in a standardized way.
I noticed I just missed a tel call earlier this week, however do you have another one scheduled as I think it’s highly relevant that both communities team up efforts.
Kind regards,

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