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Hello Both,
Yes, that’s fine. And I totally get the idea that this is not a policing activity. My impression – FWIW – is that the Leg&Ethics team are actually thinking ‘complementary’ papers, i.e., things which others may find useful in their own context.
If there is a spreadsheet, I’ll start adding to it; if not, I’ll create one for our WG and then can transfer if a general one appears.
From: Kheeran Dharmawardena
Sent: 09 July 2020 01:29
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Cc: Pickering J.B. ; ***@***.***
Subject: Re: [rdacovid19-coordination] RDA COVID Publications
HI Hugh,
I agree. I think that putting the ideas on a spreadsheet and allowing others to comment can quickly clarify any potential duplication issues and overlaps.
On Thu, Jul 9, 2020 at 4:26 AM hughshanahan via RDA COVID19 Coordination wrote:
Hi Brian
my tuppence worth here is that we need to be careful to not to be seen as trying to police things. I think we can gently encourage people to be more open and list their ideas for papers on a spreadsheet that we can provide so that others in the group can see what’s going on but to stress that we’re not here to dictate who does what (though it would be cool to see the impact of this work).
ps thanks to everyone with corrections for the Science letter. Sorry that I’ve been quiet – I knocked down with a bug (not covid I think) but am updating the letter now.
From: Pickering J.B.
Sent: 08 July 2020 18:49
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Cc: Shanahan, Hugh
Subject: [EXT] RDA COVID Publications
Dear All,
Apologies for the separate eMails, but I thought it better to keep the two issues separate.
In the Legal & Ethical WG, we have had some spirited [sic] discussions around possible publications. However, we’d like to make sure we’re not duplicating what others are doing. How should we go about checking this, please?
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