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Ingrid Dillo

Hi Iryna,
We did not want to give exact numbers. It might very well be that some groups need more pages than others. I suggest to have a look at the contributions of the other groups to get an idea of an average. As an editorial team we of course hope that the main document does not go completely out of hand in terms of pages. And hopefully the decision/navigation tree will ultimately help people to find their way through the document easily.
Best wishes,
Dr. I.G. Dillo, Deputy Director DANS
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From: on behalf of Iryna Kuchma via RDA COVID19 Coordination
Reply to: “***@***.***
Date: Tuesday, 12 May 2020 at 21:58
To: Natalie Harrower , RDA COVID19 Coordination
Subject: Re: [rdacovid19-coordination] RDA COVID-19 WG Newly structured document. Hot off the press!
Thank you Natalie! What’s your estimate number of pages per WG (e.g. without a list of contributors)? This would help us to plan what goes in this document and what in a longer one.
Thank you!
Best wishes,
On Tue, 12 May 2020 at 21:34, natalieharrower via RDA COVID19 Coordination wrote:
Dear Coordination team:
As discussed earlier today, we are now circulating the newly structured document, which you should use as a starting point for this Friday’s release. The document contains the contents of the 3rd release, reworked into the new structure. Here is a link to the full document in PDF for your reference:
Google documents containing the newly structured text for each working group have been created in your folders. It is from these documents that the Editorial Team will pull contents for the 4th release on 14th May 22 UTC:
• Clinical –
• Community Participation –
• Epidemiology –
• Legal and Ethical –
• Omics –
• Social Sciences –
• Software –
Thank you for your hard work on these – we realise it may take some adapting to the new structure, but it will help in the many step process towards creating a cohesive final document. Further guidance can be found in the blue note at the top of each document, which I reproduce here:
This document contains the contents of the 3rd release for your sub-WG, reorganised into the revised structure for the 4th release of the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines. Please edit in this document. We will return to this document to extract final content for the 4th release on 14 May at 22:00 UTC
Please name here one representative from your subgroup who will be responsible for dealing with some editorial / style questions, such as, referencing style, language choice, glossary contributions, etc. Name:
The following two components will be pulled from this document into common areas in the 4th release.
1. Contributors
In line with RDA policies, authors of RDA outputs are the Working and/or Interest groups. You are invited to include the specific contributors to this sub-WG content here and they will be included in an annex to the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines. For coherence, please use the following format with a hard return between each name for ease of later collation:
In alphabetical order by Sur/Family Name:
First Name Last Name (ORCID)
First Name Last Name (ORCID)
First Name Last Name (ORCID) (and so on)
2. References
Include all references from your sub section. These will be collated in alphabetical order at the end of the RDA COVID-19 Recommendations and Guidelines. All references here must be in the Zotero RDA COVID19 collection. Guidelines for inclusion and use:…. Please note that other formats will not be accepted.
And finally, here is a link to the timeline:
Kind Regards,
Read our statement on ‘Playing Our Part during COVID-19’
Dr. Natalie Harrower
Director, Digital Repository of Ireland
Royal Irish Academy
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