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Sorry – I forgot to send this one:
These are our highlights for the press release.
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Sent: 27 May 2020 13:43
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Subject: [rda-covid19-legal-ethical] RDA COVID-19: Legal & Ethics
Dear All,
From today’s call, I’ve added what I was able to capture in the minutes. The additional document is here; and intended as a working document for us to provide more detail and discussion than was allowable in our chapter in the main document.
Actions from today:
1. Whether you were on the call or not, please check that you are in the contributors’ list if you have not already done so.
2. Anne will send Brian one or two sentences on “vulnerable groups”, which Brian will add to around the ethical issues discussed today
3. Dara (and anyone else) to send Brian links to academic resources on privacy and vulnerable groups today
4. Alexander will work on the Licensing section of our chapter
5. When the review release becomes available tomorrow, please:
* Distribute to your network for review
* Offer them to provide feedback via you (e.g., they can comment directly to you and we will make sure the comments go in)
* Tell the editorial team, if possible, who you intend to share the link with
6. Our next call (Wednesday, 3rd June) will focus on the additional document
Anne, Alexander and Brian