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Hello Dr. Jane
Thanks for the mail and the Information
I am interested in one the adhoc fellowships positions. I would gladly Join the team.
Thank you
Micheal Tuape
PhD fellow
University of Botswana
Dept. of Computer Science
P. O. Box 461 ABF
+267 77 418 661
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Subject: [dronedata] RDA Best practices working group and more
Hi all
At last, the follow up from P14! This email contains:
1. Draft WG charter and plans: Input and chairs wanted, draft open until 13 December
2. Fellows: Support them, comment on their projects, contribute via issues and PRs
3. P15 and IG: Looking for input and support in planning both the plenary session and co-located events.
Read on for details:
1. WG charter and post P14
First off, again many thanks to everyone who gave input during the session! I’ve finally digitised it all and created a WG charter draft accordingly. On reflection the results were interesting, when grouped by themes and ranked votes we get the following. Full details on the session and plans are in this it repo, PR and issues welcome. Linked from it is the Gdoc WG Charter draft that is based on the session results. Interestingly, if themed topics are summed the most votes were for (1) Legal and ethical topics, (2) Standards/ best practices (6 votes), and Infrastructure (5 votes)
In the case of Standards 4/6 were for ontologies. I’ve tentatively skipped over this, however, as we’re already working on that within LANDRS (but am definitely open to discussion!). There were also 5 votes total for applications but for a range of different applications making that difficult to pursue. So I’m proposing we pursue:
* A recommendation regarding legal and ethical best practice as regards capturing, publishing, and using sUAS for data capture.
* A technical recommendation regarding the cyberinfrastructure requirements for supporting sUAS data capture in a research environment.
2. Fellowships
As we’ve reached the end of the design stage of LANDRS, we’re just about to kickoff a number of development efforts. 4 of these are going to be carried out by 4 interns. We’ll have them introduce themselves on this list in the next few weeks but here are their projects in brief. We’d welcome PRs, comments, and general support for them. The easiest way to keep in touch on this front if directly via the LANDRS Slack Channel. Topics and repos are:
1. PySOSA: A python module for building SOSA based RDF graphs
2. PySTEP: A python module for building SOSA based RDF graphs
3. Autopilot babblefish: A python module for converting flightlogs into geojsonLD. Initially this will be for converting Ardupilot logs but ideally will be expanded to support more autopilots as interest grows.
4. Drone ontology modeling (Mapping VSSO to the drone ontology we’ve been developing)
Lastly, for those interested, we’re in the midst of building a prototype onboard data support service application that will demo the use of an OpenAPI spec. Our in house programmers are building this but as always we collaborators are very welcome and if you have interested students we have limited support for adhoc fellowships.
3. IG and P15: First off, P15 is 18-20 March in Australia where there is a very active and mature drone community! If anyone is interested to work with us on planning either/or the plenary session or a co-located event please just reach out. I’m thinking it could be a great opportunity particularly to invite key Ardupilot/HEX/RFD developers who are based relatively locally perhaps even.
With Bar finishing up her Phd we’re also actively looking for new IG and WG chairs. In the immediate there is limited travel support for such.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Jane Wyngaard, PhD
Embedded Systems Engineer & Data Technologist
Center for Research Computing
University of Notre Dame