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James Wilson

Hi Stephan et al.,
As it happens I have put together a poster publicizing the results of the RDARI survey for the IDCC 2020 conference in Dublin. You are welcome to take and re-use any or all of it. The charts and graphs are very much at the ‘quick summary’ level – I’ve not had the chance to really drill down into the data yet. The data can be found at
I’ll send the poster file separately so as not to clog up everyone’s in-boxes with big files, but happy to share with anyone who is interested, and will publish shortly under CC0…

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Information Services Division, UCL.
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Hi Stephan, all,
I think this ok. Have I undestood right that James has some poster activities concerning RDA P15? If so, you perhaps need some coordination…
I think it does not matter if there is some repetition.