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Dear Mohammad,

Thank you for sharing the data management solution you’be been working on.  You’d be welcome to briefly present to Exposing DMPs WG on our next call(s) March 5(15:00, UTC), and March 11 (11:00am, AEDT).  Email if you’d like some time on the agend for either of these calls. 


You may find interesting this recent paper:  Markus Konkol, Daniel Nüst(PI for o2r), and Laura Goulier’s  “Publishing computational research — A review of infrastructures for reproducible and transparent scholarly communicationarXiv:2001.00484 [cs], Jan. 2020.  The authors make a review of the following applications addressing the issue of publishing executable computational research results.

It would be of interest to working group members to think about how your approach to expose/publish a research project’s data management plan goes beyond and/or compares with the infrastructures addressed in the above paper. We’d welcome a chance to hear more about it on a future call, or if you will be attending RDA Plenary on March 18th in Melbourne, let us know. 



Natalie, Angus, Fiona, Marie Christine, and Kathryn (Co-Chairs)