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Yolanda Meleco

Hi all. I just posted this as a news item, but I think it would also be good to have a slider so it’s more prominent on the RDA homepage. Sara, can you ask your team to upload one asap, and also send me one to use on the IDW website? If that can be done in the morning, I’ll then send out an email to our members, outreach to US regional contacts, and post to our social media accounts. Outreach to your regional contacts should also be done.
I just want to add as much visibility as possible from the homepages prior to do doing a full promotion.
Thank you.
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Dear Yolanda,
Thanks for this. Looks good to me .. .just one small change request “In just a few short months” -> “From 5-8 November 2018”
Kind regards
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On 2 August 2018 at 19:19, Meleco, Yolanda Anne wrote:
Hi all. I’ve developed the form and announcement for the call for posters for P12. I would greatly appreciate if you could review the text and test the form for me to make sure there are no issues. If at all possible, I would like to send this out by early next week.
Keep in mind the following:
1 – I used previous emails to guide me on what deadlines to include (open period is about 6 weeks, with notifications going out within a week’s time)
2 – Submissions will be sent to ***@***.*** and my rpi email address (others can also be added)
3 – Submitters will receive the standard confirmation e-mail
I’m a bit unclear about the review process for the submissions, so hopefully, we can talk about that during our next call.
Also, it would be wonderful if a slider could be created for both the RDA and the IDW website promoting the call.
Thank you in advance.