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Simon Parker

Hello both,
The UK Data Service also provides a great deal of practical information in the ‘Manage Data’ section of their website.
Kind regards,
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Sent: 29 April 2020 08:28
To: Claudia Bauzer Medeiros ; RDA-COVID19-Social-Sciences
Subject: Re: [rda-covid19-socialsciences] Our next weekly call this Thursday, Apr 30 at 11am UTC
Thanks Claudia, I agree with you about DMPs. I was also thinking that we could have something short, re-using DMP templates for PhD students, e.g. this one:…, see below:
Gathering data
Description of the data
* Types of data
* Format and scale of the data
* Data collection methods
* Development of original software (if relevant)
Working with data
* Short- and medium-term data storage arrangements
* Control of access to data and sharing with collaborators
* File organisation and version control
* Documentation that will accompany the data
Archiving data
* Selection of data to be retained and deleted at the end of the project
* Data preservation strategy and retention period
Sharing data
* Justification for any restrictions on data sharing
* Arrangements for data sharing
* Review of the Data Management Plan
* Special resources required for the project
* Further training needs
Best wishes,
On Tue, 28 Apr 2020 at 23:49, Claudia Bauzer Medeiros wrote:
Hi Iryna, and thanks to Kheeran
DMPs do not need to be very complex, but I firmly believe in their importance as
part of good practices in designing a project. Anyone should plan what to do with
their data, and how to manage them, as a very important part of any research (COVID
or not). And statistics show that people will think about that only after the
project is over.
Writing a DMP will increase the work, but save work in the medium and long run (if
you do something quick and dirty, you are fated to redo it over and over). Perhaps
he is thinking about formal templates that often have up to 40 questions, and may
take up to 1 day to write.
NIH has a very good example of a 10-line DMP on clinical data which is used as an
example in their site.
I cannot see how we can provide a template, unless it is very generic. And for this
we have zillions of examples in dmptool.
I believe that what he calls a template with “previously filled metadata” is
something similar to actionable DMPs which not only follow your project along its
course, but auto-fill lots of fields based on how the project develops. – We can suggest that people can register plans at dmptool or similar
and I have no idea about where to look for these norms and codes…