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Iryna Kuchma

Thanks a lot Claudia, this is very helpful! Amy asked earlier today how do
we balance using our time to make our recommendations more targeted on
COVID versus delving deeper into certain sub-areas (sub-areas seem to have
least priority).
I agree with your comments, about DMP and I was going to suggest to drop it
for now. But then Kheeran emailed us the following comments:
– 8.2.1: I agree with the need for DMP, but I’m not sure if it is always
practical for everyone to do all the time. We want to lower the barriers
for people doing this work, not increase it. So I wonder if it would be
useful to provide a basic DMP template with relevant COVID-19 related
metadata already populated that someone could simply pickup and use if they
don’t have one handy already?
– requests researchers to register their DMP. We should provide
guidance on our recommendations on where they could register it at.
– asks researchers to be mindful of commonly accepted codes and
norms. Could we list these professional codes and norms out or point them
to where they could find them?
And I fully agree that these are great questions: How to leverage social
sciences data (and which data to leverage) so that researchers in these
groups can take advantage of it? And, vice versa, how would social sciences
research profit from clinical and epidemiological data? We could have a
call for use cases (I am not sure there are good case studies already). And
perhaps this is also something we could flag at the next webinar on
Also adding your comment about the legal basis for processing personal data
to the minutes.
Thanks again!
Best wishes,
On Tue, 28 Apr 2020 at 17:41, Claudia Bauzer Medeiros