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Hi everyone,
We’re still keen to get your input on the next steps for our group – if you haven’t yet, please fill in our short survey here: share your thoughts.
We’ll leave the survey open until Friday 22nd September.
The co-chairs.
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Sent: Wednesday, August 16, 2023 10:16 AM
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Subject: Next steps for the RDA Data Policy IG – feedback requested
Dear Data policy standardisation and implementation IG members,
We invite you to please share your thoughts on the future goals and activities for our group.
This year we welcomed two new co-chairs to the Data policy standardisation and implementation interest group to include more diverse areas of research publishing and funding agencies. We have been reflecting on our work to date and other developments in the research data policy space, across all stakeholders.
After publication of our research data policy framework for journals and publishers in 2020, in the last couple of years we have focused more narrowly on a specific aspect of journal research data policies – Data Availability Statements (DAS) – and engaging with publishers and funding agencies. We’ve validated that DAS are an important tool to reflect and make visible data shared (or not) according to policy requirements, but also validated that other factors and stakeholders are important for achieving successful data sharing outcomes.
As such we think this is a useful moment to seek feedback from our large and diverse Interest Group membership on what our next goals and activities should be.
While there are many important challenges to address in research data sharing and policy, what we do next needs to be appropriate in scale for the group and its resources, as a largely volunteer-driven activity. This might include stakeholder convening activities, sharing of experiences, development of policy frameworks or guides, user stories and case studies, or small scale research activities – or something else. Whatever we do next we want to be valuable for the needs of our members and the wider community.
We invite you to complete this short, open-ended form to share your idea(s) on what issues could be resolved or activities undertaken by the group, which would make a meaningful contribution to increasing research data sharing through policy – of publishers, funders, institutions and/or infrastructure providers. We would appreciate if you could share your thoughts by the end of this month (Thursday, August 31st).
Depending on the results, we may create a more structured survey to further validate the findings. We also plan to update our case statement after this community consultation.
Thanks in advance for your feedback at this important moment for our group.
Best wishes,
Rebecca, Natasha, Iain, Dagmar and Kate
IG Co-Chairs
Dr. Rebecca Taylor-Grant
Head of Data & Software Publishing
240 Blackfriars Rd
London SE1 8BF