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Dear Catherine,
I had a quick look and the English version does not really answer the question “why?” and “why urgent”.
There is an underlying assumption here about data – that it must be good – without any real articulation of the why which is deeper.
I would argue there are push and pull factors:
* Technology companies (ICT) want to push new technologies on agriculture which is a relatively non-digitised sector. See the explosion of ideas about IoT in agri, or the use of satellite data, for example
* Farm machinery companies want to digitise their machinery and become “data companies”
* Consultancies and other influencers want agrifood to adopt the latest sexy technology (the blockchain wave is on the wane, but we are in the middle of AI hype)
* Regulators want digital solutions for agrifood problems (e.g. tracking manure in the Netherlands, EC wanting to spot CAP fraud, managing food crises like E. Coli or horsemeat more effectively, etc.)
Pull (?)
* Some farmers want more digital technology in the hope that data may optimise their production, lower operating costs, or even provide a new revenue stream.
* Some consumers and NGOs hope that more digital technologies, more data will allow them to “see” into the food system (environmental footprint, water usage, slavery etc.)
* Many researchers at every step of the agrifood system (crop development, farm practices, supply chains, nutrition) see data as the key tool – more data *should* make research results easier to obtain, and make having an impact easier.
There are plenty more dimensions here, these are the first I could think of.
Each one has a separate literature.
It would be interesting to see if there was literature demonstrating the utility of sharing data rather than just taking it as assumed.
I note that the ACTA document is aware of the potential for a dytopian outcome of more data sharing ….
Best wishes / Met vriendelijke groet,
Dr. Christopher Brewster
Senior Scientist, Data Science Dept., TNO | Soesterberg, Netherlands
Professor, Application of Emerging Technologies,
Institute of Data Science, Maastricht University.
M +31 (0)6 2705 4646 E ***@***.***
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about our discussion on adding some references in the introduction
I have tried to ask “why we need to share data now in agriculture, why it is urgent to do it”
There is a link from a french institute that answer part of the question
for frenchies
Is it this kind of reference that you want or you want scientific one?
Le 09/01/2020 à 11:03, catecara via Agrisemantics WG a écrit :
Group call #3 – Jan 7th 2020
Present: Caterina, Sophie, Catherine, Emna, Romain, Leyla
Regrets: Clement
Agreed to organize duty sharing by tasks (e.g. writing, bib, ..). Below the list of tasks identified during the call, plus volunteers proposed. Extra tasks or more/different volunteers may be proposed before next call. Next call will be dedicated to assessing this organization and the progress made.
Tasks – Volunteers
1. Writing – Caterina, Sophie, Emna
2. Bibliography – Leyla (mgt of bib app), Romain (proposals for refs)
3. Graphics – Emna
4. Formatting (journal style) – ?
5. EN Proofreading – ?
Next call: Tue 21st Jan. 4:30pm CET.
Call URL:
From: Caracciolo, Caterina (ESS)
Sent: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 2:18 PM
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Subject: reminder – group call today 4:30pm CET
To join the call, go to:
Caterina for the chairs

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