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Dear Claire, all
in case my other meetings keep me out of the EPI call:
If interested, please have a look at the “Covid19 CRFs ContentOverview”
Especially the ModulesSections sheet.
Things to discuss:
* Modules: The WHO CRF modules are a good starting point for the
overall structure
o some elements are not covered in WHO, like behavior, financial, etc.
o are there other WHO forms that cover these? Can we copy the
module titles and content from there? This would align to WHO,
preferred in a perfect world.
* Module Priorities: which of these modules do we REALLY need, and how
o it may be OK to confirm that we need all of them
o which modules must be harmonised first? Medical? Demographic?
Lab? Co-morbidities? Behaviour? …
* Missing CRFs
o do we see other CRFs that should be added?
Next steps:
* Any comments??
* Agree on “module” titles for the items missing in the WHO CRF
o work them into the table
* for high priority modules:
o look at sections and content, and generate a more detailed
overview of the content
o also add in the nomenclatures, taxonomies, codes, …. semantic
information used for the information items.
* add new CRFs, that the EPI group believes should go in.
* We need a crisp set of use cases that this effort intends to serve.
o This might be done next week.
Looking forward,