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Dear Jay, all!
We know very similar requirements in many applications! I agree completely.
Could this be handled by specific valuesets, that are defined for each
* e.g. The questionnaire includes a Section “Lab findings”
* Each region defines an own list of laboratory tests that it wants
o The region does this in a valueset called e.g. “Austrian Lab Tests”
o The larger “umbrella” “core” set of codes includes ALL tests,
from ALL regions
+ the regions populate their local value sets from this “core” set
+ if they miss anything, they propose to add it to the “core” set
+ (LOINC would be a candidate “core” in the lab test space)
* As questionnares flow in from different regions, we can still link
and compare the data
o that is because the “core” set of codes is harmonised globally
o not all regions will record all tests, so be it
o at least we can work with all reports that come in.
* If global harmonisation in one agreed “core” is not feasible:
o mappings need to be defined between regional valuesets
Hope I understood right,
all the best,