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In DDI, Dublin Core and’s CreativeWork Coverage includes spatialCoverage, temporalCoverage and topicalCoverage.
In a pandemic we want to do interoperability across borders (both within and between countries).
Between countries topicalCoverage may vary. This is sometimes handled by specifying a core CRF / questionnaire and “supplementals”. Not every country might get the same supplementals. Or, in other words, in a pandemic we necessarily use a protocol that invokes the core necessarily and supplementals conditionally.
Within the core on the same topic certain questions may be conditional. They may also vary geospatially.
Within the core or in a supplemental, question text and response labels may vary but the question remains the “same”.
All of this goes to the “I” of Interoperability in FAIR: topicalCoverage sometimes varies with spatialCoverage. Do this well and we can reduce the noise/random variation in the information collected.
On top of the work Stefan finds himself in, I asked Maeve to think about extending Interoperability in FAIR as needed to account for at least variations in topicalCoverage by SpatialCoverage. This could be a deliverable we provide in our roadmap that takes us to FAIR (meta)data in pandemics operationally.
Note that spatialCoverage need not be by country. spatialCoverage may be by grid and the grid may be hexagons if that is your liking.
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