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Yolanda Meleco

Thanks Hilary. We will follow up separately as needed to ensure content is prepared and reviewed prior to distribution. There are a few other items as well, including:
1. P17 Reminders
2. COVID response article (only if completed; if not, plan to send a separate communication)
3. Org spotlight (coordinating currently with Mary)
4. Member spotlight (coordinating currently with Bridget)
5. US Webinar Series
6. Future of Open Science event
7. CoP update (announcing new content added to website)
Thanks again.
From: on behalf of Hilary Hanahoe via Communications
Reply-To: “***@***.***
Date: Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 12:38 PM
To: Communications
Subject: [communications] March Newsletter Items that come to mind
Dear Comms Team,
To avoid closing up the secretariat meeting agenda and time later on, there are a few items that come to mind to be included in the March newsletter:
1. WDS IPO change and Rorie goodbye – Yolanda and I discussed this. YM to generate initial text
2. IDW2021 Update (focus on sponsorship opps and hybrid and SciDataCon2021 call for sessions deadline extension
3. RDA Group Policy – text is ready no?
4. Council elections – according to the deadline the slate should be online by 31 march. If it is (separate email about that) then it can be included, If not then in April news
5. Financial Sustainability Task Force news piece – Hilary to generate text on website and provide short text for newsletter
6. Data Together Communique – has been approved by the group. Final sig! n off tomorrow with publication on all 4 web sites. highlight to be included in newsletter
Many thanks
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