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Tomasz Miksa

Dear Philipp,
Thanks for reaching out to us. Less administrative burden and more automation are the main goals for what we do!
Recently, we had a workshop in which we presented use cases for automating DMP creation and performing actions described in them. Furthermore, we have developed some prototypes to showcase that. We will be showing more of this stuff during the plenary in Gaborone. For now please take a look at the workshop website
You will find there useful information, that should help you better understand our vision. We will also likely have a call in the mid of October in which we can further discuss.
P.S. Blog post by Stephanie Simms (DMP Tool – DMP Roadmap) might also be worth looking at
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Subject: Re: [dmp-common] Machine-actionable DMPs – a disengaging administrative burden?
I think on of the purposes of the maDMP is exactly the opposite of what you fear: the trivial administrative questions are supposed to be filled in by machine, and only the questions that require thought and where consideration of the options can actually provide value to the research need to be filled in by the researcher. Closed questions rather than open text fields are not conflicting with this: rather than expecting a single piece of text from a researcher who may not know all the issues that could play a role in the decision nor all the options available, a complicated question can be split up into more easily answered closed questions that together provide the information after a proper consideration of all the options and issues.
To find out how I see that, you could check out the Data Stewardship Wizard tool which I am working on with my ELIXIR colleagues from Prague:
On 24 Sep 2018, at 09:01, ***@***.*** wrote:
There are many advantages of machine-actionable DMPs (maDMPs); see e.g. Miksa et al. (2018) [1]. However, there is one aspect of maDMPs that I’d like to hear your opinion on. In their guide on research data management (RDM), Corti et al. (2014:26) [2] say: “[A] data management plan should not be treated as a simple administrative task for which standardized text can be pasted from model templates, with little intention to implement the planned measures early on […].” One of the prerequisites for enabling maDMPs is “avoiding free text and providing structured information whenever possible” (Miksa et al. 2018:10) [1]. Therefore, by implementing maDMPs there might be a danger of making DMPs even more of a disengaging administrative burden for researchers. This was at least the feeling I was left with after selecting lots of predefined values in the easyDMP tool, which already has some of the characteristics of an maDMPs [3].
Any thoughts on this? What is the DMP Roadmap approach to this kind of questions?
[1] Miksa, Tomasz, Simms, Stephanie, Mietchen, Daniel, & Jones, Sarah. (2018). Ten simple rules for machine-actionable data management plans (preprint) (Version preprint).
[2] Louise Corti, Veerle Van den Eynden, Libby Bishop and Matthew Woollard (2014): Managing and Sharing Research Data: a Guide to Good Practice. Los Angeles: Sage.

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