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Dear Kheerand,
I used to work for FinBIF until the year 2016 and during that time some of the European nodes did a small survey study to find out how different EU-countries GBIF nodes can support national reporting to EU. The project ended in 2017, so I was not part of the final report, but maybe you’ll find some examples from the reports that the BIREME project produced.
[… |… ]
Do you already have contact to FinBIF? I can approach them, if you can specify in more detail what kind of info you need. You probably already have visited their site [ | ] ?
With best wishes,
Hanna Koivula
Hanna Koivula
Research Data Management Specialist
CSC- IT Centre for Science
PL 405, 02101 ESPOO
+358 50 405 3318
From: “kheerand via Biodiversity Data Integration IG”
To: ***@***.***
Sent: Monday, 31 May, 2021 07:21:46
Subject: [rda-biodivdataintegr-ig] Looking for examples of biodiversity data systems that support government decision making
Dear members,
I’m wondering if you could help me with some pointers. I am in need of doing a compare and contrast exercise of biodiversity data systems established for the purpose of supporting government decision and policy making around the world. I’m not looking for the global facilities such as GBIF, but for any national services such as FinBIF. Are there other examples that anyone can point me towards?
Kind regards

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