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Sarah Jones

Hi Mary, all
We held a writing sprint on apps on apps earlier this week and Timea has been doing a sterling job cleaning up that text, but it’s a been a bit of a lone marathon. We really need other moderators to check through and approve before we publish so I suggest we leave the community participation update until next week. The existing text on direction we’re taking can stay in there for now.
I wanted to check what our plans are for the webinar. Last week we’d discussed focusing on a few groups at a time and looking at some of their recommendations in more detail. If this is likely to be followed then perhaps the new legal/ethical team and one or two others should be the focus on Tuesday 5th? We may want to cut some of the standard intro too and point people to earlier webinars for background context. It would be good to try and generate more substantive discussion and community feedback at the events
All best
– Show quoted text -From: ***@***.*** on behalf of muhlmansiek via RDA COVID19 Coordination
Sent: 01 May 2020 01:47
To: ***@***.***
Subject: [rdacovid19-coordination] Looking for drafts
Good evening, all.
We need your assistance to know when the drafts for the Community Participation & Clinical sections will be ready for incorporation into the next version of the ‘COVID-19 research recommendations’ document. Please kindly send us an email when your group’s draft is ready.
For Community Participation, it would also help to know the specific document to use (we don’t want to make assumptions and insert the wrong text).
Lastly, we wanted to check to see if the Legal/Ethical team has a 1st draft ready for their section; please just let us know where to find it if you have something available for this iteration.
Many thanks, and take care,
Mary O’Brien Uhlmansiek, MA
Director, Implementation & Outreach
Research Data Alliance – US/RNA
Skype: Mary Uhlmansiek