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Hi all,
Very good suggestions Lynn, I agree.
From: yarmel=***@***.*** On Behalf Of yarmey
Sent: Friday, July 13, 2018 11:01 PM
To: Meleco, Yolanda Anne ; Communications
Cc: StefanieKethers ; Lynn Yarmey
Subject: Re: [communications] July Newsletter
Hi all,
A few notes –
* On the booking travel for IDW – can we release a high-level schedule so folks can see the dates they need to include? For RDA this would include the TAB/Chairs mtg and a note about placeholders for co-located events.
* Can we also add a TBD announcement for the poster call – saying there will be one and to keep an eye out?
* I removed the software source code review – it comes out of community review on Sunday.
* The Data Science schools folks have asked us for additional amplification – the due date for their work is the 18th, would be great if we can include it?
* The TAB election bit should be almost ready – Stefanie and Sara, are we good to go with the form?
Its already pretty full imo, I am not feeling like we are missing content atm.
Many thanks!!
From: on behalf of YMeleco
Date: Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 2:42 PM
To: Communications
Cc: StefanieKethers , Lynn Yarmey
Subject: [communications] July Newsletter
Hi all. The July newsletter is located at….
Please review and edit as you see necessary. I did a quick review for formatting (spacing, new windows for hyperlinks, etc.), but will do a more thorough review immediately before distribution.
Please keep in mind, we still don’t have articles for the Member Spotlight, TAB Elections or Biodiversity discipline – but I think we have plenty of other content if we want to move forward with distribution without them. Stefanie, Lynn – let me know your preference.
Thank you.