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Takaaki Aoki

Dear Rolf,
Thank you very much for your kind response and suggestions.
If possible, we would like to collaborate to maintain our Japanese translation as well as the original.
I suppose there are two steps to merge our Japanese(ja) outputs to the original.
Step 1. Merge PIDINST documents on RtD
As far as I can manage, I set up en and ja documents on my RtD according to
Aoki’s private RtD has two projects
English (pindinst-white-paper-en project):
connected to ‘develop’ branch of
Japanese (pindinst-white-paper project):
connected to ‘develop-ja’ branch of
Now, Japanese project is set as translated project of English project, so is redirected to
Thus, the RtD of original PIDINST could show the Japanese translation …
Create a new project for Japanese translation and connect to Aoki’s develop-ja branch,
and set this project as a translated project of the original one.
Step 2. Merge on Github
It would be a simple solution that the original repository makes a ‘develop-ja’ branch,
and then I would submit a pull-request on it.
Takaaki Aoki.