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Hi Limor and Florio,
thank you for the great report you have put together on the CURE-FAIRE subgroup, which I read with interest.
A few short points to add or of interest:
* A group of us released a “Template README for the Social Sciences” (, Some of the econ journals are starting to systematically require use of the template, and are reporting excellent impact (though no information on the additional workload for authors). You might find this interesting for your segment on “standards”. A full list of endorsers is listed in Endorsers, and of course, we are regularly inviting others to comment on this, and to endorse it.
* Although it may be too late, I finally posted an blog post about 15 different pain points a Data Editor might encounter. Feel free to re-use.
* I was somewhat struck by the comments you received, which highlights the human nature of the problem. Even among such a focused group of professionals, there is lack of knowledge about possibilities. For instance, one commenter (from Dataverse) mentioned that “Python has a standard file to capture environments, other programming languages do not”, which is wrong, on several levels (Python has TWO standards, they actually are documented in official documentation which is NOT curated, and other languages have various other standards as well, f.i. Julia, various R). This only goes to show that it is difficult to keep up with technology – what for one person is obvious, is not for many others, but even somebody who thinks it is obvious is … not necessarily fully informed. That will remain a very strong impediment to computational reproducibility.
Let me know if I can help in any other way as you move this forward.

Lars Vilhuber, Economist
Cornell University, Executive Director, Labor Dynamics Institute
and ILR School – Department of Economics
American Economic Association – Data Editor
Journal of Privacy and Confidentiality – Managing Editor
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p: +1.607-330-5743 |
Assistant: ***@***.*** | +1.607-255-2744
– Show quoted text -From: ***@***.*** on behalf of Limor Peer via CURE-FAIR WG
Sent: Monday, February 15, 2021 10:53
Subject: [cure-fair] Internal comment period on CURE-FAIR subgroup 3 report
Dear CURE-FAIR WG members,
We invite the membership of the CURE-FAIR Working Group to provide feedback on subgroup 3’s draft report, “CURE-FAIR: Challenges.”
The internal comment period is between February 15 and March 1, 2021. In March, we plan to share the document with the broader RDA community.
Please feel free to add your comments to the google doc, or contact subgroup leads Limor Peer and Florio Arguillas with any questions.
Thank you!
Limor and Florio
On behalf of all subgroup 3 members
Limor Peer, PhD
Associate Director for Research | Institution for Social and Policy Studies
Yale University
203-432-0054 | ***@***.*** | | @l_peer