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Jens Klump

Looking at SciCrunch’s database in search of instruments*&facet%5B%5D=Resource%20… I get the impression that RRID does not have the granularity envisaged by this WG.
While RRID has some traction in the life sciences, it is unknown in e.g. the earth sciences. Perhaps different communities need different solutions. I am sure that the Enabling FAIR Project… would support the introduction of PID for instruments in the geosciences.

Dr Jens Klump
Team Leader Geoscience Analytics | CSIRO
***@***.*** | +61 8 6436 8828
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Sent: Saturday, 26 October 2019 12:26 AM
To: Persistent Identification of Instruments WG

Subject: Re: [pid-instruments] Identifiers for instruments?
I would like to enter into the conversation here. With RRIDs, which are enforced by at least some journals, there is an opportunity to have instruments IDs cited if they ‘piggyback’ on this mechanism. With DOIs from DataCite, it is great to do, but there is the notion of who asks authors to do that new task while they are publishing. That part is a difficult hurdle.

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