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Jack Casey

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your response.

Having discussed this with the PI of the project, we agree with your assessment. The request was a bit vague, and we’d prefer statistics on postgraduate students and staff if possible, as we’d consider those users to be more likely to be engaged in research.

Just a bit of background on where we’re coming from: our lead PI is the author of a paper that measures dark data in HPC facilities, we’re asking for this sort of anonymised statistics to continue our research (by building a broader picture of the state of data at academic institutions). This is part of a larger project in which we assess the FAIR data principles from a conceptual standpoint – having an idea of how big a problem dark data actually is helps motivate our position.

This is indeed a research project. It’s funded by the EOSC secretariat. I’ve been told we don’t need to follow an ethical review process as we’re not asking for personalised information, just statistics regarding the state of aggregate data held by an institution. That said, if you’d like some form of confirmation that the statistics won’t be misused, the PI will happily sign a formal letter with a letterhead.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can clarify, and I hope to hear from you.

Best wishes