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Thanks for your note and patience. Indeed, we are still meeting this Thursday, but we are still awaiting the calendar invite (it’s been someone else arranging them). I trust they will send it out in the next day or so.
Kind regards,
Katy McNeill
From: LJ.Garcia
Sent: Monday, August 3, 2020 09:19
To: McNeill, Katherine
Cc: ***@***.***; Reyna Jenkyns
Subject: Re: [datadiscovery] Granularity TF: Draft P16 proposal for your review + agenda for next week
Dear all,
The BoF proposal looks ready to go.
About the meetings, I have not seen the new calendar invite yet so I am wondering, is our next meeting happening this week? Could you please confirm?
Kind regards,
On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 6:57 PM mcneillh via Data Discovery Paradigms IG wrote:
Dear Data Granularity Task Force members,
Hope everyone is doing well. This email is to solicit your feedback on our P16 proposal on data granularity, update you on meeting times, and share the agenda for next week.
1. Provide your feedback on draft P16 proposal: Deadline Monday 3 August, 17 UTC
We have drafted a proposal for a BoF for P16 to discuss our work and a WG proposal. The deadline for submission is before our next group meeting, so we’ll need your feedback by Monday 3 August, 17 UTC. Please go into the document and share your thoughts/comments, and let us know if you have any questions.
2. New TF meeting times
In order to make our meeting times better for those in Europe, and to add a second meeting to open up participation to those in Asia-Pacific, from now until the Plenary, we will now be moving to meeting times of 2 UTC and 16 UTC. Co-chairs (one or both) will be at both meetings but members are only expected to attend one (but welcome to both, of course). This will continue to be on the first Thursday of the month (for the co-chairs), but considering the international date line it will actually be:
• First Thursday of the month 16 UTC
• First Friday of the month 2 UTC
A new calendar invite series will be forthcoming, including for next Thurs./Fri.
3. Agenda Preparation for next week: deadline, end of Wed.
Our rolling agenda (p. 2) shows that our main topic will be to discuss roles and responsibilities across the different tasks, so that members can contribute to their greatest areas of interest. To that end, we have one task for you to do ahead of time: indicate your areas of interest. To do so, please (by the end of Wednesday) go into the chart on p. 3 of the agenda and add your name to the third column for roles that interest you; add/suggest other roles (i.e., lines in the chart) that you think would be valuable in the group (and indicate your interest if applicable).
Thanks and let us know if you have any questions.
Kind regards,
Katherine McNeill
Research Data Program Manager & Collections Librarian
Harvard Business School, Knowledge and Library Services

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