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Hi Devika and the inspirational women of RDA,
Hope you are all having a great season (summer in the US …). Apologies if I’ve missed it but it would be great to have the data and articulation of the problem we want to solve with RDA. Manels is a good example of a diversity problem with a solution we can propose. What are the other problems? From my perspective, I’m delighted to see abundant female leadership in RDA. Is it 50%? Is it better or worse than the number of women in our community? Is there something we can do to promote diversity for our stakeholders (funders) or students?
I think that if we identify 3-ish themes where we want to improve things, it will be easy to execute good strategies and I expect we will get lots of help.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Botswana!
Dr. Francine Berman
Chair, Research Data Alliance / US
Edward P. Hamilton Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Faculty Affiliate, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University
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Sent: Monday, August 20, 2018 7:08 AM
To: Task Force on Gender Balance
Subject: [gender_balance] GBTF: taking it forward
Dear All
Its been a while. Its time to take the RDA GBTF forward.
First of all, let me share with you all that Natalie Harrower stepped down as co-chair of the TF as she now has more professional responsibilities. I thank her for her support so far and solicit her continued engagement with the group.
Which brings us to the question “how do we move forward?”. Just to refresh our memory we started with the following potential/suggested actions:
· No more ‘manels’: requirement for diversity in Plenary guidelines.
· [Maybe have] All female panel with role models
· Use communication channels to campaign for recruiting women into traditionally male disciplines
· Encourage participation from disciplines that are traditionally female.
· Remote Plenary participation for as many sessions as possible – including the Women’s breakfast.
· Work with Force11 who have looked at inherent biases in scholarly comms, especially in terms of the global south
I propose the following:
1. I share here (attached) the information shared by Hillary Hanahoe about RDA gender based stats.
2. I request you to please have a look and suggest any issue/activity that you think the TF should address.
3. I intend to consolidate these suggestions/opinions and present (if possible) the way forward at P12.
4. Please suggest any other course of action you think better
Look forward to a deluge of messages 🙂
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