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Lynn Yarmey

Hi Sara,
A few comments:
* What is an RDA Social Sciences Ambassador?
* We should be careful with regional reports – we had an issue with the GEDE report being a closed group and, as such, didn’t meet RDA principles of openness. Using the report as fodder for a domain blog post (rather than an RDA output) may get us passed this issue, but we should watch this as we move forward. Namely – how are exclusive, regional outputs best leveraged and disseminated in a global community with a requirement for openness and a specific goal of avoiding dissemination for specific projects?
* I’ve sent Ricarda’s classification scheme on to Rebecca and Steve for incorporation into their group categorization work.
Many thanks,
From: on behalf of sarapittonet
Date: Tuesday, July 3, 2018 at 9:02 AM
To: “***@***.***
Subject: [communications] Fwd: Short study RDA and the Social Sciences
Dear all
We have just received this message from DANS: it may be worth considering going back to them for the RDA for discipline content for the July newsletter. What do you think?
Inizio messaggio inoltrato:
Da: Lisa de Leeuw

Data: 2 luglio 2018 13:46:02 CEST
A: Sara Garavelli , Natalie Harrower
Cc: “***@***.***” , Ricarda Braukmann , Sara Pittonet Gaiarin , GETLER Magdalena
Oggetto: Short study RDA and the Social Sciences
Dear Sara and Nathalie,
My colleague, Ricarda Braukmann, the social sciences ambassador for RDA, is working on a report on the short study she made of RDA WGs, IGs and outcomes and the Social Sciences, also see the email string below.
We would like to know if there is an RDA template she might use for making the report/ white paper (RDA logo and accreditation/ acknowledgement etc.).
Furthermore, I have found the RDA presentation template on the website:, but was wondering if there is an RDA Europe template she must use? This template is mentioned in the starter kit, but I can’t seem to locate it on the RDAEU4.0 National nodes cloud drive. Ricarda needs it as she will be giving a presentation at a Social Sciences conference in Leuven, Belgium in a couple of weeks:
Thanks in advance for your help!
FYI: once the report is ready we will at least place it on the RDA NL node page together with a small news item but let me know if and how you would like to disseminate it further!
Kind regards/ Met vriendelijke groet,
Lisa de Leeuw
Policy Officer
(I work 4 days a week, Wednesday is my day off)
+31 6 23 86 32 43
DANS: Netherlands Institute for Permanent Access to Digital Research Resources
Anna van Saksenlaan 51 | 2593 HW The Hague | +31 70 349 44 50 | ***@***.*** |
DANS is an institute of the Dutch Academy KNAW and funding organisation NWO.
From: Ricarda Braukmann
Date: Friday, 29 June 2018 at 10:53
To: Sarah Ramdeen , “Yarmey, Lynn Rees”
Subject: Re: Introduction/question
Hey Sarah & Lynn,
Thank you very much for getting us in contact, Sarah.
I am indeed working on a brief introduction of the RDA for social sciences (as social sciences ambassador within the RDA Europe 4.0 project).
So far, I have looked at the IG and WGs, and the related outputs and recommendation, and tried to identify what might be interesting for social sciences researchers.
I will be presenting a first analysis of this at a conference in Leuven in a bit more than two weeks.
One of the challenges that I encountered is that there are quite a lot of groups and it is hard to get an overview.
What would be helpful is a classification of the groups to divide them into smaller logical chunks that so that it becomes easier to oversee the whole picture.
I am not aware of any existing classifications, but if something like that exists, I would be very happy to have a look and see if I can incorporate it.
For now, I have tried to create my own classification which I thought made sense for the social sciences.
A first division I made, was to divide groups into covering General or Specific topics (i.e. covering general topics vs. addressing specific disciplines/domains/communities).
I further classified the general work as concerning 1. Policies & guidelines; 2. Data management; 3. Technical and infrastructure and 4. Other topics.
For specific groups, I found groups concerning specific 1. Domains 2. Data 3. Communities or 4. Organisations.
I have attached an excel overview of this classification and how I saw this fit to the different WG and IGs in case you are interested.
I am of course happy to hear your comments on this.
Once I have finished my report, I am also happy to share it and use it as a starting point for further discussion.
Best wishes,

Dr. Ricarda Braukmann
Programmaleider sociale wetenschappen
+31 6 133 497 17
Werkdagen: Maandag – Donderdag
DANS: Nederlands instituut voor permanente toegang tot digitale onderzoeksgegevens
Anna van Saksenlaan 51 | 2593 HW Den Haag | +31 70 349 44 50 | ***@***.*** |
DANS is een instituut van KNAW en NWO.
From: Sarah Ramdeen
Date: Wednesday, 27 June 2018 at 16:52
To: “Yarmey, Lynn Rees” , Ricarda Braukmann
Subject: Introduction/question
Hello Ricarda,
I am writing to introduce you to Lynn Yarmey. I mentioned to Lynn that you would like to do research on the RDA work/output/groups relevant for social science researchers. And that you had asked if there is anyone that could help point you towards relevant information. I mentioned that you may be working on a presentation to report on the outcomes for RDAEurope 4.0 (hope I got that right).
Lynn said that while there is a need for a formal list of all of the activities going on, so far it is mostly captured in different informal chunks spread around. And she can point those out.
Hopefully that is a good summary of the situation!

Sarah Ramdeen, PhD