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Jens Klump

Hi Mark,
The article does contain some interesting lessons about the long-term operation of PID systems. However, I think that the paper by Caron et al. is overstating their case of ARK being a success. At the moment only 21 repositories in are reported as using ARK while 623 repositories use DOI and 173 use generic handles. Eleven of the 21 repositories using ARK also use DOI.

Dr Jens Klump
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We talk mostly about Handles, but our Kernel should work for ARKs just as well. As such this is an interesting article about the growth of ARKs in the French library community and concomitant governance issues that may inform some of our discussion.
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[PDF] ARK is in the Air: ARKs Trending in the French-speaking Area and the BnF’s Role in the ARK Story
B Caron, S Peyrard, J de La Houssaye, S Reecht… – 2018
In recent years we have seen a growing adoption of Archival Resource Key (ARK)
identiiers in France and in French-speaking countries, a growing reliance on
National Library of France (BnF) ARKs for data dissemination, and a growing …
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