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Hello members of this working group,
Clearly, ethics and especially IRBs are an important area and the competence to address this domain is present in the working group.

We have in the working group people specialised in ethics and in law ; there will obviously be guidelines in this domain in what will be produced.

We are organising the discussions in the group and sub-groups so that areas of importance are all considered in a structured way. Prepare your points of discussions; they are precious. But please wait to get the process and tools to share them. Can we ask to refrain from sending personal examples to the whole e-mail list at the moment.

This will be treated. There already are examples of legal acceleration of procedures without renouncing to protect rights of people and there are legal measures or specific recommendations well framed as this question did not appear only a few weeks ago. Solutions to such questions dealing with fundamental rights are not based on individual solutions. The international bioethics committee of UNESCO has also for example a recent declaration in the context of COVID-19 as well as the European Group for Ethics in Science and new Technologies. The legal solutions and relevant recommendations and authorised practices are also data to be  shared and they will be.

Thanks all for taking part in the working group and let's be organised to be efficient! Tools and moderators to organise the discussions are being put in place, but it was important to re-assure the group that this will be properly considered.

For the Chairs of this RDA-working group

Anne Cambon-Thomsen, co-Chair of the RDA  COVID-19 WG, Ambassador of RDA Europe for health sciences and research ethics, Member of the European Group on Ethics of Science and New Technologies