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Lynn Yarmey

Hi Sara and all,
FWIW, the RDA WG/IG Chairs’ meeting info can be found here:
FWIW, we can include the dates for this meeting, but I’d rather not include the link. There will be lots more info coming out over the Chairs list, but it is otherwise not really an open meeting.
From: on behalf of sarapittonet
Date: Friday, December 7, 2018 at 11:18 AM
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Subject: [communications] December Newsletter – proposed scheleton
Hi all
here below a recap of the items for the December Newsletter:
* Opening: announcement for our P13 Call for Collocated Events + big image
* Webinars: we have four to announce – according to the date of release of the newsletter, we can announce them or promote the recordings:
* Interoperability through Digital Objects and Digital Object Interface Protocol – 7/12
* FAIR webinar 11/12 11/12
* 12/12 RDA UK Node launch
* Regional engagement EU recordings
* Recommendations and outputs: 2 RfC: Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations + The FAIRsharing Registry and Recommendations: Interlinking Standards, Databases and Data Policies
* Member focus: did you discuss about anyone already?
* OA: do we want to publish the minutes from the Gaborone OA meeting?
* Group updates: I would promote this one – do you have any other updates?
* Become an influencer to our 2019 AMA Calendar by joining our last AMA call on Wednesday 12/12!
* Other:
* the 2 news pieces from ARDC ARDC’s new vocabulary service API + Metadata for Services and related Collections: Good Practice Guide – call for feedback
* RDA EU Call for Adoption Grants open
* Events:
* Chair Meeting – sorry where can I find more information about this?
* RDA UK National event January 18
* Anyone more?

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