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Dear all,
Alas, I will have to send my apologies for today’s meeting. There is a
schedule conflict that I cannot resolve.
Overall, I think the document is covering the major aspects. I do, however,
believe that we would still need to provide more arguments to the RDA
community on why we proceed with this new body. The RDA landscape is
already quite complicated for many, and introducing another structure might
confuse people even further. I would argue that the CoPs could
actually help better organise the current ecosystem of groups, by providing
a more systematic approach to their organisation (at least for those that
are linked with disciplinary/domain issues). Maybe this is a point we could
also add in the text.
Ideally, I would see a bullet point list of benefits from the operation of
the new structure. The arguments are scattered across the document, but
bringing them together in one list could help articulate the expected added
value of the operation of CoPs to the RDA community.
Kind regards,
*Dr Dimitris Koureas*
*Department Head, *International Biodiversity Infrastructures
Naturalis Biodiversity Center
*Executive Director*, DiSSCo Research Infrastructure
*Coordinator*, DiSSCo Prepare project |
*Chair*, Mobilise COST Action
Research Data Alliance (RDA ) Technical
Advisory Board
0000-0002-4842-6487 | linkedin |
| +31 (0) 71 751 9251
P.O. Box 9517, 2300 RA Leiden, NL
On Mon, 7 Sep 2020 at 16:12, Bridget Walker via RDA Communities of Practice