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Dear all,
The IGAD co-chairs have revised the document according to the comments received on Monday. I have just left a comment for you (I assigned it to Hilary), since it could a little bit misleading. If so, just let me know and I will take action immediately, since I am the only IGAD chair in the European time zone.
Thank you,
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Sent: Monday, September 7, 2020 4:13 PM
To: ***@***.***
Subject: [rda-cop] CoP Framework Document – Next / Final Steps
Dear all
The Framework Document is now ready for your final viewing before our meeting on 14th September. Could you please read through the document, check the revisions and resolve any comments (or leave to discuss, as appropriate)?
Our revised suggested timeline for the final steps of the document is as follows:
* 14 Sept meeting with TF to resolve document
* 14 Sept send document to Council, TAB & OA
* 15 – 27 Sept Council, TAB & OA review and feedback period
* 28-30 Sept Secretariat (and TF if necessary) incorporate feedback
* 1-15 Oct RDA community consultation
* 16-30 Oct TF Assessment feedback
* From November (if positive) set up CoP formally
The agenda for next week’s meeting:
1. Resolution of open comments and discussion points
2. Agreement on timing of next steps and stakeholders involved
3. Format for community consultation (so we have ample time to prepare while Council review is taking place)
4. AOB
Many thanks,
Best wishes
Bridget Walker
Office Manager
Research Data Alliance
Tel: +44-07307000352, +39-3405336956
email: ***@***.***
skype: bridgetwalker