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Simon Coles

Dear Gilles,
There are some National Research Facilities in the UK in this area, see:
EPR in Manchester (
(High Field) NMR in Warwick (
Mass Spec (Swansea, ) and Solid State NMR (Durham, ) recently lost their funding, but still kind of keep going.
I have spoken to most of these over the years about data management – but I don’t think there is much there in the form of current policies.
It might be interesting to also discuss this under the umbrella of the GO-FAIR Chemistry Implementation Network (which I am involved in):
This works very closely with the IUPAC Subcommittee on Cheminformatics Data Standards (SCDS).
Best wishes,
Simon Coles FRSC, SFHEA.
Professor of Structural Chemistry.
Director, UK National Crystallography Service (
Director, UK Physical Sciences Data Science Service.
School of Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences,
University of Southampton. Southampton, SO17 1BJ. UK.
Staff Page:
From: on behalf of Gilles Ohanessian
Date: Tuesday, 19 March 2019 at 16:14
To: Chemistry Research Data IG
Subject: [chemistry-research-data] Contact
Hi there,
I have recently joined the RDA Chemistry Research Data Interest Group.
At CNRS (the french National Center for Scientific Research), we are trying to improve the policies for management of chemical data arising from the use of national spectroscopy facilities, including EPR, NMR and FT-ICR techniques. Similar in scope to the NHMFL “Maglab” in Florida, except that it is a network of platforms rather than a single big center.
I believe that similar initiatives have been taken before in other countries, so I would like to see if the CRD IG can be a forum of exchange on such issues.
Is this an appropriate mailing list for such a topic ?
Contact with the secretariat liaison of the IG has been unsuccessfull as of now.
Thank you very much in advance.
Gilles Ohanessian

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