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Dawei Lin

Our group discussed this yesterday. We thought that it was better to leave out the sentence. Because the paragraph talks about DICOMweb, and the FAIRsharing sentence is a general statement. It does not quite fit. There are similar situations in our text. We thought that it might be useful to explain what is FAIRsharing and its significance in a central place. It is a valuable resource. We all like, but it might not be useful if the mentions are to direct users to the FAIRsharing website without being specific of what standards are relevant.
From: SAS via RDA COVID19 Coordination
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Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 6:48 AM
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Subject: Re: [rdacovid19-coordination] CLINICAL further comments from the website
My comment on this, since I work also with several biomedical standardization group for imaging data.
DICOM is good for certain types of data, but not all, that is why there are several others
This is a fact and I am not sure we can mention only DICOM.
Kind regards,
On 11/06/2020 10:21, natalieharrower via RDA COVID19 Coordination wrote:
Hi, I leave these with the Clinical group for consideration. Deadline 4pm UTC today thanks.
From Phillipe Després
The Imaging data section should encourage users to adopt good practices to report findings (e.g, outcomes, clinical variables, radiomic features), i.e. embedding these elements within DICOM Structured Reports along with the context of this information: who, when, how. This is well explained in this paper: This would allow for FAIRer, more robust imaging data (as opposed to recording outcomes and other clinical data in a separate, non-DICOM container).
The sentence “A list of imaging standards and repositories is available in the RDA-endorsed FAIRsharing” could be misleading here as DICOM should be the only standard for any image-related data.
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