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Hi, all,
I echo Thomas in every particularity. I look forward to seeing you at the plenary!
— —
Program Head, Data Management Services
@ MIT, 617.258.5596, [she|her]
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From: on behalf of thomasjouneau via Data Granularity WG
Reply-To: “***@***.***

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 10:46
To: “***@***.***” , Data Granularity WG
Subject: Re: [data-granularity-wg] AW: REMINDER for the meeting tomorrow
Dear all
Sorry for not being able to attend this time, because of a conflict of agenda (and sorry for telling it a little late).
I will be present at the plenary meeting and I’ll read the notes for today.
Have a nice meeting,

Université de Lorraine
Soutien aux données de la recherche
Direction de la Documentation et de l’Edition – Mission appui recherche
B.U. Ile du Saulcy BP 20728
57045 Metz Cedex 01
Tél. : 03 72 74 10 27
Le 14/04/2021 à 20:47, BrigitteMathiak via Data Granularity WG a écrit :
Hi all,
Just a quick reminder for our monthly RDA Data Granularity Meeting tomorrow, Thursday, 15 April 2021, 4pm UTC (I hope I got the time right, 5 pm in Berlin, if you want to check daylight savings etc.)
This is our agenda:
1. Introductions (for new members)
2. Report from the chairs
3. Plenary next week Wed 21/4/21 12:45 UTC
* Please register and attend – who plans to be there?
* Important points to make in the introduction
* Breakout group volunteer facilitators
1. Case Statement
* Looking for members outside of Europe/North America
* More details on the methodology
1. Report on Data Citation Community of Practice Workshop from April 8
2. Miscellaneous
We are looking forward to meeting you here:
Please let us know, if you have not received a calendar invite or have any other questions or if would like to add any agenda items.
All the best,
Brigitte Mathiak (and Reyna and Katy)

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