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Hi Dara and colleagues,
Much agreed. A lot of data protection, ethics, and academic language is loaded with meanings that come naturally to seasoned researchers and policy advocates but are not necessarily intelligible to persons working day-to-day in the healthcare sector.
Is there a particular section of our guidance that you think should be reworded?
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Dear All,
From a quick look, I agree with Brian.
“balance between individual and community needs” is important, but is cross-cutting.
I also feel, at least for the Ethics and Law guidance document, that we should avoid using general terms and concepts which, without further clarification, researchers ‘on the ground’ cannot immediately work with.
E.g: if we were to propose that researchers should try to ‘balance between individual and community needs’, then we should also add specific recommendations, or at least links to documents with recommendations, as to how this can actually be operationalised in practice.
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Dear All,
I have an extract from the Social Science documents (short and long) listing the recommendations from that subgroup:
My feeling is that all of the recommendations highlighted in yellow are in the Legal & Ethics Principles Document in slightly different words in cases. We (in Social Science) might therefore wish to provide a link instead to the Legal & Ethics Principles Document.?
The one I have left “balance between individual and community needs” – which I personally believe to cross-cutting at these times.
Any thoughts?
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