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Yolanda Meleco

Thanks Sara and team for your work on this! I also reviewed today and made the following updates:
– Addition of the Call for P14 proposals provided by Hilary earlier today
– Further update to the IDW update article
– Further update to Member Spotlight article
– Minor formatting updates
– Minor title changes to emphasize deadline dates
We still need to add supporting outputs and group updates. Although I love the new website design, it’s not clear to me anymore what those new updates are from first glance. Lynn or Sara (Stefanie is away now I think), do you have that info to include?
Let me know if you have any questions about any of my edits.
Sara, feel free to make the call on Lynn’s suggestions below – I’m ok either with any decision.
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Hi all,
Some newsletter notes:
– I added links to registration along with the early bird deadline, a link to the P12 programme, and a placeholder for side events. The Drone data IG asked us to publicize their side event so I used it as an example here.
– We had talked about mentioning the new user moderation process quickly to let members know about the change. This still seems appropriate to me?
– I don’t feel like the news and events process is very well managed at this point – maybe I am wrong? I would tend to remove the Share your News and Events section until we have a better turnaround time and follow-up on the events and news that is submitted.
– The link to the OpenUp conference in the early career and engagement Ig seems weird to be… is this a big deal in the EU? I’m not sure it is worth a global mention, especially as all of our groups are presenting in various meetings around the world. I did add a note on their Ask Me Anythings tho, which has impact for broader RDA membership.
– We haven’t added new groups and recommendations in the past. This seems like a good idea – I’m wondering how/when we should present these tho…maybe with asks for adoption stories for recommendations still in evaluation?
Many thanks!
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Subject: [communications] August Newsletter
Dear all
a first version of the August newsletter is available here….
What we miss:
* updates from Plenary – Yolanda?
* Group updates – sorry I may have missed some messaged during my holidays, which groups are we focusing this months?
* Council meeting in Troy – is there any article?
* Note about process for activating accounts (I can add 2 lines at the end)
Do we want to keep the note about the Commnication kit and the News and Events?

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