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My personal view on that is that these data (from tracking apps ) are
not to be shared in anyway beyong their intended immediate use (for
example the European group on ethics has recommended to delete tracked
data as soon as they are not necessary anymore for fighting the epidemy
“Restrictions of rights and freedoms that are imposed in order to save
lives in an emergency situation, however
– including those implemented through technological surveillance through
mobile devices through to drones and surveillance cameras – need to be
removed, and data need to be destroyed, as soon as the emergency is over
or infringements are no longer proportionate. The public health
emergency must not be abused to usurp power, or to permanently suspend
the protections of rights and liberties.”
What could be in the scope is items like, “” at a country or relevant
jurisdiction level  :  is such Apps used or not; and may be the
conditions for their use in these places exactly like other measures to
help containing epidemy are used or not ; or kinds of tests and testing
policies etc. can be of interest for future comparative studies of
policies/strategies/efficiency, or future studies on social
acceptability of such measures.
It was not clear for me what was meant by taking Apps into account  :
 – is it data about some general characteristics of apps and their use
or not; that information could be in  data about measures taken for
combating the epidemy
 – OR is it “data collected through these Apps” and in that case I  do
not think it is appropriate
Also recommending a given commercial products is not what RDA is there
for I think.