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Hi Yolanda,
Thanks for putting this together! A few comments / suggestions from me:
– COVID-19 WG (Bridget may want to weigh in here):
– “This Working Group also includes 5 sub-groups focusing on the
areas of Clinical, Community Participation, Epidemiology, Omics,
and Social
Sciences” – There are 7 sub-groups now, so this should probably
be updated
to include the Legal- Ethical and Software sub-groups?
– I would prefer to have the schedule for the draft releases spelled
out in more detail (weekly releases until a final draft release
on 22 May,
then a review period of 2 weeks, until 6 June).
– The link leads to the announcement of the first draft release,
would it be better to just refer to the outputs page, which is
where people
can comment, directly?
– Virtual Plenary 15 Recap
– (I have sent you a few suggestions for the actual recap text)
– Plenary Updates
– I would put all Plenary updates here, or, if that is not possible,
I’d put Plenary Updates straight after the P16 announcement. I would also
put the Remote Meeting Guide straight after the VP15 Re-cap (or possibly
even in there, in a separate paragraph)
– Events: May 6, 2020
Research data alliance (RDA) UK – should be Research Data Alliance 😉
– Group Updates
– I’m not sure why the Council Elections item is under “Group
updates”? I would move that to a separate item and put the two newly
endorsed groups here instead:
– Global Open Science Commons Interest Group
– Engaging Researchers with Data Interest Group
– Our Members
– “Alternately” should be “Alternatively”?
– Newly Endorsed Recommendations:
– REMOVE the two groups listed here, they are not Recommendations,
but newly endorsed IGs (see above).
– I don’t think we have had any Recommendations endorsed since the
last newsletter? (Agrisemantics is with Council until 6 May). We have
received the final versions of 2 Supporting Outputs (not Recommendations)
from the Data Versioning WG, but I am not sure if they were already
included in the last newsletter?
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