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Rory Macneil

Geologists at UiT the University of the Arctic Norway are exploring using RSpace to manage their samples. We worked with them and DataCite as we implemented support for incorporation of IGSN IDs into the RSpace sample management module. Support for IGSN IDs in the context of sample management workflows supported by the RSpace sample management module is described in this just released report.
Guiding principles for implementing persistent identification and metadata features on research tools to boost interoperability of research data and support sample management workflows
In recent years, PIDs have evolved quickly from being an interesting but peripheral resource on the fringes of research data management and scholarly communication to being viewed as a core enabling resource for FAIRification of data. There are an increasing number of PIDs, and existing PIDs are being developed and used more widely. However, PID infrastructure is still immature, incomplete, dispersed, and largely siloed. The critical issue of how PIDs can be incorporated into research tools, and into research workflows, has been largely ignored. This project was instituted in order to examine in detail how to incorporate PIDs into research tools, using IGSN DOIS provided by DataCite, and the RSpace digital research platform, as a case study. The core contributors were DataCite and Research Space, which develops and provides RSpace. Also instrumental in the project work were two research institutions that provided requirements, Rothamsted Research and UiT the Arctic University of Norway, and two tools pr
RSpace is provided by Research Space. In October Research Space will complete registration as a DataCite Service Provider and institutions for the first will be able to implement an institution-wide plan for incorporating IGSN IDs into a sample management system.
Rory Macneil
Research Space
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CSIRO has adopted Specify 7 for its collections.
It is now being introduced at the Australian National Insect Collection. We are contributing to the Specify Consortium to develop an extension for the management of geological samples. Also, CSIRO is now introducing IGSN IDs as persistent identifiers for its samples across the organisation.
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Dr Jens Klump BSc(Hons) Dr. rer. nat.
Group Leader, Exploration Through Cover
Mineral Resources | CSIRO
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