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I also think this is a good idea.
On 17 Feb 2019, at 14:36, sdewitt wrote:
I think this an excellent idea, and other national nodes should be encouraged to do the same
On Sun, 17 Feb 2019 at 08:08, Francoise Genova wrote:
Dear colleagues,
I had a short email exchange with Julien and Sébastien, about the
possibility to announce the Ambassadors’ names on the French National
Node mailing lists. We feel that it should be useful, so that people
from the community know that they can contact ‘their’ ambassador. I
would like to do it as well as possible:
– I understand that a public web page with the ambassadors’ name and
domain will be published soon. It would be better to wait until the page
is posted to make the announcement at the national level so that we can
refer to it. I guess that Timea will tell us when the page is on line.
– I would like to announce the full list of ambassadors, because their
role is not limited to their own country.
Do it make sense?
Best wishes

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If my answers frighten you,
then you should cease asking scary questions.

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