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James Wilson

Thanks Ingeborg,
Whilst there are obvious differences between the audiences and focus of questions between the RDARI survey and the questionnaire to which you refer, yours looks clear and well designed, and I’d be happy to edit our draft survey so that our phrasing is harmonized where appropriate. Your controlled vocabularies for responses also make a lot of sense and I’d be happy to re-use these.
Ville, Keith, are you happy for me to come up with a new version of our RDARI survey that is better harmonized with the ‘Open Data’ survey?
Ingeborg, are you planning on building a repository of RDM questionnaires? Is there anything that we could contribute by way of metadata that would help? If you are aware of any guidelines or standards that your IG is going to encourage people to use in future, please let me know.

Dr James A J Wilson
Head of Research Data Services
Research IT Services
Information Services Division, UCL.
1 St. Martin’s Le Grand, London, EC1A 4NP
Tel. 020 3549 5068 (internal: 65068)
Email: ***@***.***
From: Meijer, I.
Sent: 08 January 2019 15:35
To: Wilson, James ; ***@***.***
Cc: Ville Tenhunen ; Keith Russell
Subject: RE: [questionnaire] A questionnaire from the Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG
Dear James,
Thank you for email, and good that you contact us. We have listed your name to be informed of our further activities.
As a new IG, we are still seeking our mode of operation a bit. In other words, finding out where our added value is.
Coming back from Gaborone we also realised that we could have a strong RDA internal role as well.
So your survey really is the first internal action to be taken!
I had a quick look at your survey questions, and although we haven’t developed core modules as yet, there are a number of more general questions that overlap with previous work we did, such as on the type of data, the file size, who is doing what and so forth.
It would be good to harmonize the language there, so at this point in time, the best thing to do, is refer you to the questions and results of the open data survey (2017) that are openly accessible:
By looking at the results, you can see how the answers were back in 2016, so that you can compare and do some benchmarking, if you wish.
Hope this is of any help.
We plan to populate our RDA-IG site with more information soon.
If you need any more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Kind regards
Ingeborg Meijer
Ingeborg Meijer, PhD
Senior Researcher in Society Using Research
Centre for Science & Technology Studies (CWTS)
University Leiden
PO Box 905
T: +31 71 527 6074
M: +31 6 10080466
S: ingeborgmeijer
From: j.a.j.wilson=***@***.*** [mailto:***@***.***] On Behalf Of jajwilson_UCL
Sent: vrijdag 14 december 2018 16:12
To: ***@***.***
Cc: Ville Tenhunen; Keith Russell
Subject: [questionnaire] A questionnaire from the Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG
Dear Open Questionnaire for Research Data Sharing Survey IG co-chairs,
I attended the Questionnaire IG at Gaborone and was interested by the proposed work of the group, finally getting around to joining today. We’ve been putting together a questionnaire of our own in the RDARI IG that we would like to launch in early 2019 if possible. The idea behind our survey is to:
* Compare policies and practicalities between institutions
* Understand the state of the art when it comes to institutional architectures to support research data management
* Facilitate contacts between institutions using similar technologies and solutions
* Getting ideas on what works well
* Mapping developments over time
* Getting a sense of the range of services that institutions are providing to support good research data management
I enclose a draft copy of the questionnaire, although it is likely to evolve further before we start seeking responses.
How best should we coordinate our group’s survey so as to fit with the aims of the Questionnaire IG?

James A J Wilson,
Co-Chair of the Research Data Architectures in Research Institutions IG,
Head of Research Data Services, UCL.