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Thanks for the notes – sorry I couldn’t join you.
Yes, I’d be happy to run a small group on the financial indicator.
I’ve noted the next meeting in my diary. Is the intention to have meetings each week at this time?
Best wishes,
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Sent: 14 September 2018 14:17
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Cc: Ingrid Dillo; Lupo-Petta, Jamie
Subject: [regional_engagement] 13 Sept Meeting Notes and updates
Dear Regional Engagement Task Force,
I have created some short notes on yesterday’s call for your records and they are available at… which is located in the Google Folder.
Some updates / requests for you all:
1. Financial Indicators: Juan would you be willing to coordinate a mini group (Jason and Mark perhaps?) to come up with parameters based on GDP that we could use for the annual regional contribution? I merged all the data I have into the excel file in the folder, and from discussions on the last 2 calls, GDP appears to be the most reliable and recognised data source / reference. Please let me know if you could do this and Mark if you are willing to be involved? Jason already expressed willingness on the call yesterday.
2. Botswana Meeting: I have discussed with Ingrid (Council Co-chair & Council RE liaison) and we propose that the Botswana meeting be focused on presenting a pre-final version of the framework (which includes the governance and financial indicators) to a group of regional representatives so that they could provide feedback to this group for integration in the document and finalisation by the end of 2018.
3. Next Meeting: there will not be a meeting on Thursday 20th Sept, so please mark in your diaries the next call for 27th Sept at 11 UTC which Ingrid will chair (thank you Ingrid)
4. Timing: we should aim to finalise documents and frameworks for mid October in order to circulate the pre-final versions to meeting invitees at least 10 days in advance of the Botswana meeting. @Sarah @ Leslie @ Vivian Can you take forward coordinating the finalisation of the RDA Framework document?
Many thanks to you all for your support and contribution
Have a lovely weekend
Link to RE Google Folder
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