First RDA Recommendations open for comments

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28 Jan 2015

First RDA Recommendations open for comments

Dear Friends,

At the last plenary we saw the first results of the RDA activities being presented by some of the initial working groups.

Now two of them have produced recommendations that they would like to see ratified by the community (the others will come along shortly). These are:

  1. Data Foundation and Terminology
  2. PID Information Types

The process for ratifying these recommendations is analogous to the process for ratifying case statements. I.e. there is first a community review period in which we ask you to please provide your comments on these recommendations. If these recommendations are approved they will be part of the official output of the RDA, so this commenting period is very valuable. Please feel especially free to comment if you disagree with the outputs as well! The community, TAB, and the Council needs to have such information to come to a good conclusion.

The commenting period will end in one month at the end of February.

To conclude, I hope you can find the time to look through the recommendations carefully and give your comments.