Ever heard of the Global Digital Object Cloud?

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03 Oct 2016

Ever heard of the Global Digital Object Cloud?

It is now widely agreed in the Research Data Alliance (RDA) and beyond, that concept of the “Digital Object (DO)” is central to proper data management, access and use.

A DO has a bit sequence that can be stored in multiple repositories and is associated with a Persistent Identifier (PID) and quality metadata. The persistent identifier, augmented with usable attributes about the DO, can provide identification, location, and other functions. The metadata description has many different functions amongst which is offering information allowing proper interpretation and reuse of the bit sequences. Due to the claim of persistence PID records are increasingly seen in a binding role, i.e., storing persistently all the necessary actionable references to the locations of the bit sequences, to the metadata and other useful information. Given such a domain of registered DOs it is compelling for users to just deal with PIDs and metadata as widely as possible. We call this layer of virtualization the Global Digital Object Cloud (DOC), which is based on the ideas of a Digital Object Architecture and fully compliant with the FAIR principles.

For more information on the Global Digital Object Cloud concept, by Larry Lannom & Peter Wittenburg see https://b2share.eudat.eu/records/523d1eac4068431b905d1b5ff8466d95.