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valuation of Research : Kick-off Plenary Meeting – Community perspectives

Group(s) submitting the application: Evaluation of Research IG

Meeting objectives

The Evaluation of Research IG was submitted to RDA in May 2023. The meeting will hopefully be its first meeting during an RDA Plenary as an Interest Group, after two successful BoF meetings at P19 and P20. The meeting objectives are:

The meeting will enable us to achieve this together through sharing perspectives on the importance of diverse approaches to research and its evaluation, respecting cultural, national, and disciplinary needs and requirements via discussion and contributions to current and planned activities of this group. 

Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative meeting notes:

Part 1 (10 min): Welcome

Part 2 (60 min): Discussion of the Group current and foreseen activities

Part 3 (15 min): Next steps

The collaborative note document will be available and organised so as to gather written comments and contributions in addition to the discussion.

Target Audience: 

The evolution of research evaluation is potentially of interest for the whole RDA community, as shown by the attendance at the P20 BoF and the number of RDA Groups that agreed to designate one of their co-chairs to ensure liaison with this IG. It is also of high interest for the Funders represented in the RDA and the member organisations.

In May 2023, the following RDA Groups designated a liaison with the IG:

External initiatives with which the IG has established liaison (they are represented in the IG Stakeholder Forum):

Attendees can prepare by:

Group chair serving as contact person: Francoise Genova

Type of Meeting: Working meeting

Brief introduction describing the activities and scope of the group: 

The evolution of the evaluation of research from being mostly bibliographic index-based is now recognized to be indispensable to enable Open Science. In the same way that Open Science promotes the open sharing of FAIR data and other research outputs, evaluators must also value and consider these outputs as part of the wider research evaluation framework. The RDA is an appropriate forum for addressing the evolving requirements of research evaluation as they relate to Open Science practices. RDA’s reach across the international community, including research organisations and funders, can help to facilitate and align a global discussion of research evaluation, drawing on data experts from a range of domains. 

The Interest Group “Evaluation of Research” organises the discussion on the subject in the RDA, in particular as it relates to data, and also in relation to RDA activities on research software. The initial topics for discussion identified for the IG are the following:

Short Group Status: The Interest Group was submitted in May 2023, and hope to be approved at the time of the Plenary.

Additional links to informative material:

Avoid conflict with the following group (1): RDA for the Sustainable Development Goals IG
Avoid conflict with the following group (2): Global Open Research Commons IG

Meeting presenters: The meeting presenters are: IG co-chairs: Emma Crott, Francoise Genova, Devika Madalli and Amy Nurnberger, and leaders of current efforts