Integration of Research Communities from Remote Areas in Ethiopia and Neighbouring Countries

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25 Jun 2019

Integration of Research Communities from Remote Areas in Ethiopia and Neighbouring Countries

Submitted by Margareth Gfrerer

Meeting objectives: 


  1. Exploring the status quo of national and institutional repositories in Ethiopia and its neigh-bouring countries
  2. Exploring a possible approach to an Africa Open Science Cloud (AOSC) and the African Open Science Platform (AOSP) where citizens science should become key to capture African knowledge and wisdom
  3. Exploring the complementarity of AOSC towards the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC)


Meeting agenda: 

Collaborative session notes:


Slide presentations for 10 minutes (60 minutes in total), 20 minutes panel discussion and 10 minutes on Q&A; 30 minutes Group work on the way forward towards IG or WG

Topics for the presentation:

  • What kind of infrastructure researchers have to have access in order to become a global player in research communities.
  • How can researchers from remote areas learn about their possibilities to join international research communities on remote.
  • What skills and knowledge researchers have to have in order to take advantage of the EOSC.
  • How does  Ethiopia and the neighbouring countries bring digital literacy to researchers at universities in remote areas.
  • How to gain citizens’ interest to contribute to science in order to build the African Open Science Cloud capturing African data, information, knowledge and wisdom of local and regional importance. This presentation will include the specific characteristics of the AOSC as discussed since 2016 and AOSP in its current structure
  • What role can National Research and Education Networks (NREN) take to support researchers at universities in remote areas to become part of the global research community. Ethiopian Research and Education Network (EthERNet) will be taken as an example for an African NREN, its function to support newly founded universities at remote areas as well as the efforts undertaken by EthERNet to link the Ethiopian research community with the European research community by introducing local researchers to the EOSC.
Type of Meeting: 
Informative meeting
Short introduction describing any previous activities: 


  1. Publication on: Architectures of Knowledge: The European Open Science Cloud
  2. Publications on: Research on European Open Science Cloud and the use for Ethiopian research communities:
    • Gfrerer: RDM – A Way to Bring Sustainability to Publicly Funded Research in Developing Countries – Ethiopia as an Example,  Submitted to be published in 11th UbuntuNet Alliance Annual Conference Proceeding 2018
    • Gfrerer: Open Access, Open Science, Open Data: Who will benefit? Submitted to be published in 10th UbuntuNet Alliance Annual Conference Proceeding 2017
    • Gfrerer: The European Open Science Cloud: Opportunities for Research in Developing and Emerging Countries using Ethiopia as an Example; in Hochschulmanagement, (HM) 4/2017, p. 98-103, ISSN 1860-3025
    • Gfrerer, Mogus: EOSC and the Free Riders; in Proceedings and Report of the 9th UbuntuNet Alliance Annual Conference 2016, p. 53 -62, ISSN 2223-7062
  3. Horizon 2020 Sci-GAiA Project
  4. Introduction of the National Academic Digital Repository of Ethiopia (NADRE) as the starting point to compile Ethiopian Institutional Repositories and bring it further to a Federated Repository or an African Open Science Cloud
  5. Introduction of Open Science Week events from July - Nov. 2019 in Adama ( , Bahir Dar, Hawassa, Jimma and Mekkelle
  6. Coordination monthly R-Hackathons (on Slack) in order to provide learning and training incentives in working with data bases since August 2018
  7. Working paper on Hackathons:
    • Gfrerer: Hackfest/Hackathon – A Tool to Lecture Innovation, Working Paper for presentation and discussion at Sci-GAIA final Conference, Pretoria and e-Learning Africa Conference Mauritius, 2017
  8. Trainings on digital literacy for researchers since August 2017 Data, Software, Library and HPC Carpentries offers to 1.300+ Ethiopian researchers and librarians
  9. Data Stewardship Workshop at University of Gondar (Ethiopia) in August 2018
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