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09 Nov 2018

Research Data Management in Engineering IG

Recognised & Endorsed
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Noel Chibhira

Engineering comprises a vast span of sub-disciplines including for example chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. Traditionally, engineering disciplines apply scientific knowledge and empirical evidence to finding (innovative) solutions in areas that range from design, creating and building to production of software and innovative materials. Therefore, research in engineering disciplines is highly multi-disciplinary and works in close collaboration with industry.

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The FAIRsharing Registry and Recommendations: Interlinking Standards, Databases and Data Policies

By Hilary Hanahoe

This document describes the outputs of a joint RDA-Force11 FAIRsharing WG: the FAIRsharing resource of interlinked records on standards (for identifying, reporting, citing data and metadata), databases (repositories and knowledge-bases) and data policies (from journals, publishers, funders and other organizations), ranging from the generic and multi-disciplinary, to those from specific domains. The FAIRsharing recommendations, to guide the users and producers of standards, databases and repositories on how to best select and describe these resources; and to guide funders and publishers on how to recommend them in data policies. These outputs are tightly bound together as the registry enacts the recommendations, through the provision of well-described and interlinked records, which are curated and maintained with the support and input of the producers of these resources.